Wednesday, December 21, 2011

two little tables

 I have been having some fun, messing around with some paintings.
I found this ad and thought what a fun idea, a coffee, coffee table.
I am pretty pleased with the end results. I am just learning how to stain, I need some more practice.

Sorry the picture is so bad, I did not have my camera so it had to be done with my phone.

This is a table I picked up for a buck at a yard sale. My oldest son said he wanted a railroad table to use for his art projects. (he loves the railroad because his daddy is a signalman for the railroad) so we have a slight obsession when it comes to trains and railroads.
He found a picture by an artist name CJ Marshall he wanted me to try and do it on the table. So I thought I would give it a try. After many, many hours of painting and one sore back I finished. He LOVED it. 

Sorry again for the picture quality.
Have a Merry and Blessed Christmas Season.