Saturday, April 13, 2013

Great Deals

I love that the garage sales are starting to pick up in my neck of the woods, I got out bright and early, and it definitely paid off.
First I actually found a awesome harvest table and six chairs for a smoking $50. Sorry no pics, it is already apart and being worked on.
Second this cute little buffet/bar.......wait for it for $10, because a hinge was broken.
 I grabbed this gal as fast as I could.

 I asked the man running the sale if he had any other project type furniture, and he told me his wife might have something.
It was a hutch with a story. I love when furniture has a story. They found the hutch in a foreclosure of one of the historic homes in our town, and the new owners were going to trash it. The lady didn't really want it but couldn't stand seeing it go in the trash. She should me the piece and I instantly thought it was going to be more than I want to spend. She sold it to me for $25 dollars. I could not believe it. This guy needs some serious love and I can not wait to start.
the drawers are full of old San Francisco Chronicles from 1958. I hope to incorporate them (maybe line the drawers)
This guy is huge.

there are some beautiful carved pieces that hold the top of the hutch. The Glass is perfect.

I still can not believe $25!!!!
Have a great one.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Pianos, Pianos, and a few more Pianos

Just for fun here are some of my before and after's of Pianos I have done.
Thanks for stopping by, hope you enjoyed.

Just Not Right

Do you ever start a piece with a vision and mid way through, ask yourself what was I thinking. I bought these two night stands at the local thrift store, They were $7 for the pair. So of course I snatched them up as fast as possible.
 Not very attractive, but solid and well built. I thought maybe I will do a bright yellow with  a high gloss finish. Well I started and, YUCK!
This thing was glowing, I mean it was super blinding bright. So I figured I would go in another direction, I also decided I was going to keep these ones, So I changed the paint to a navy blue to go with my coral headboard.
I loved how they turned out, but something was still missing, I just wasn't feeling the finished look. So I added some legs.

I think those little legs just finish the tables off nicely.
Sorry about the picture quality, my house is about 75 percent windows,
(see all those windows), so I can not get my camera to focus properly, or get a picture that is true to color. Any advice?
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Monday, April 1, 2013

Tiffany Blue

These next two pieces are for my little sister, who is having baby #3 as I type. Can't wait to see what this baby will be, a new niece or nephew? We will see. Well anyway, the first project was this cute children's size picnic table, I found sitting all by its lonesome, on the side of the road. When my sister saw it, she called dibs. So I finally got around to the makeover. I hope you
This guy was weathered something fierce.
 Next was my babies old high chair. That needed some tlc.

I did the two to go together.
I used a coffee and vinegar stain for the top to give it an aged look. I love working with the natural stains.

......and know for the high chair.

Little sister loves owls.
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Have a good one.