Friday, April 22, 2011

Black Beauty

here is the before of my first baby grand. i had some better pictures, to show the rough condition this guy was in, but my computer caught an unfortunate virus.
before (check the bench out in the back)
two more rungs were added so baskets could be placed on the bottom, of
the newly upholstered bench.

wood appliques were added to give some dimension to the bland piano.

 the book holder before was just a large rectangle. my sweet dad shaped it to match the lines of the appliques. i think it came out quite lovely.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

a little blue

so i have been wanting to keep learning more about re-upholstering, so any project i can find i jump on it.
i found a cute little three legged chair at a sale, i checked it out, as if i were going to potential marry this chair. it seemed do able. i was most worried about the surgical procedure of getting that fourth leg back on. so i loaded him up and he joined our home. here is his pre-op pictures.
the front left leg, was the re-attached limb.
post -op (even though he is now blue, it is a happy blue)
this guy found a new home, with a lovely lady who fell in love at first site.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My Favorite find so far

i found this table on Saturday, buried in a back yard. i
had to have it. i am in love.

this lovely grows to 10 feet, and has some great legs.
did i mention this great piece was only $40.
can't wait to start this makeover.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

baby grand!

i just received my next custom job. i am super excited and can not wait to get started. here is a preview.

i think she is going to be beautiful!

I love garage sale day!!!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Somthing "tweet"

 This was a blah, sad, and ugly old chair with gold fruit on it.
Now, it is bright and shiny, with a little touch of spring, if you listen closely, you might even here the birdies!

a little more grown up

since i have been married my husband and i have had a pretty ugly master bedroom. it seems that i am always getting to us last.  lately, i have been sitting at my computer, which is at the end of our room, loathing my bed. i mean who doesn't want a bed that is held up by cynder blocks and pavers. the bed began as a canopy from ikea, which had to be taken down, because the children thought they where firemen every time the got off of the bed. the blocks and pavers became a part of the bed when the leg snapped off, from me insisting on moving the bed around my room by myself (i tend to be a bit impatient when i want something done.) so enough on the old bed, here is my before
the white night stand (aka old filing cabinet) is strategically placed to cover the lovely blocks, and my husbands night stand is his mothers old sewing cabinet. so thanks to yard sales, i found these lovelies, who wanted to come home with me.

this guy cost me only $3

and this beauty only $2 ( I love a great deal)

i was going to be daring and try white, but then my dear husband reminded me we have five small kiddos, so black it is.

don't judge by the stained carpet, like i said we have five small kids.

now for my bed. i found a great bed on CL, for $150, here is the beast.

i don't think we will need any blocks to hold this bed up.

more to come on my maturing bedroom makeover, i can never seem to get everything done all at once.