Monday, September 9, 2013

Dandelion Season

I just finished up and sold my first dandelion dresser, wish, then it seemed like everyone wanted one. So in one week I did three of the same style dresser.
The first one the nice gal picked out what dresser she wanted, which happened to be one of my own, that has several looks.

 This is the original look from a couple of years ago.

Then to this for a couple of days. Just wasn't feeling it.
 To this which I loved, (I want to do another similar some day,
but I thought hey why not wreck something you like by distressing the hell out of it. Then I got this.

Not my favorite.
This gal stayed like this a while until my girls asked for a paper doll dresser. So I came up with this.

The black is even chalkboard paint, so they could color in the girl and the outfits.
So now my girls no longer need a dresser, my lovely client chose this dresser to be her very own dandelion dresser.

I replaced all the knobs with vintage pulls and glass knobs on the top. I did a home made turquoise with a white wash.
My third wanted something pretty close to my original, for her sweet babies nursery.
 This guy too, was a roadside rescue. He had a broken drawer and needed some minor repairs, but had pretty good and solid structure. So my awesome husband framed in the top and repaired the skirt on the bottom.

I replaced the old pulls with some pretty glass pulls.
Both ladies where very happy with their own Dandelion Dresser.