Friday, November 8, 2013

Transfer Method Madness

So I have been obsessed with figuring out this transfer thing. I have tried EVERYTHING! I started with an inkjet printer and wax paper which worked alright for simple images, but a bit smudgee on images with a lot of detail. So I bought myself a laserjet printer and tried a few different methods.

This was done with the iron on method. I printed an image as a mirror image and put it face down and ironed the paper until the transfer appeared. Not to shabby.

I did this with a gel medium and paper. I know now it would have turned out better if I was more patient. I also tried paint thinner and had no result. I will have to play with this method more.

So I decided to do a large image with the Gel medium process (and be patient this time.) I was going for an old Holy card  look.

So I took this image from thegraphicsfairy and reversed it.

I then used blockposters to blow up the poster.
I then added a gel medium and put the image on face down and let it dry for a few hours.
The wood is from an old end table that was not a  salvageable piece

After a few hours wet down your paper and roll the paper away with your fingers. BIG TIP, do a little at a time and let the paper dry. See sweet baby Jesus and St. Joseph starting to peak through and say hello.
This is what it will look like between rub downs.

After peeling and drying, and peeling and drying , I started to get the look I was going for, An old and tattered Holy Card.
I used restore a finish on top to blend the piece and sealed it with a clear polyurethane.

I just love how baby Jesus is holding Joseph's halo.

Hope you enjoyed.