Monday, May 13, 2013

A Bakers Coffee Table

When I saw this table on CL  was so excited. My mom had one when I was a child.  I actually had a friend pick it up for me. Much to my surprise this guy was n some rough shape. Also someone had previously cut the legs down, making it an odd height. Smaller than a table, but taller than a coffee table. I decided to keep the odd height, and use it as my coffee table, it works well for the kids to stand and color at. This guy was falling apart, every time I opened a drawer it would literally disintegrate. So with some love and reinforcement, I think he came together nicely.
One of the top drawers died n the process of this makeover, so I decided to frame it in and leave it open.

I  loved the natural patina of the old wood. 

This was a very simple makeover, but  I love how it turned out.