Wednesday, July 13, 2011

life is a bowl of cherries

This little guy off to the right was the before for this project. It arrived in pieces, because this poor fellow fell of the truck. He broke both legs, his book board and back the top flat piece.
I had some work to do.

With a bit of recovery and some cleaning up, he turned out quite

I also just finished up a baby grand. The owner just wanted a toned down white. The previous finish was a honey stain that had seen better days.
Well here it is.
 This is a kind of before. I had already sanded it down, (actually my husband did, but we are married and that makes us one, so it is like I sanded it.)

 There is actually a very minor distressing around the edges. I apologize once again for the beautiful scenery, it is hard moving a piano and being semi big pregnant, so please feel free to picture these where ever you see fit.
Have a great night.

I have a great hutch I found, never have I seen anything like this before. So hopefully I will have something other than pianos coming up.

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