Tuesday, August 6, 2013

It's Getting Hot In Here

I got this guy with hopes of adding some embellishment's and doing a nice shabby white, but this guy had other ideas.

See those weird snake tail pieces on the front, well I thought I would be able to pop those suckers right off. NOPE! Those things are not going anywhere. So my wise husband kept saying make it flames. So for two days I ignored him. Then I got this bright idea, MAKE IT FLAMES. So my little white shabby chic dreams where squashed and turned into a boy treasure box. So here we go with some flames.
I thought I would do something fun on the inside, and came up with this, from a clip art piece. I think it turned out pretty cool.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Sorry you didn't get your shabby white chest, but it is really a cute chest for a young lad. They do look just like flames. Love the inside graphic.

  2. Now that's a brilliant save on your trunk! Love how it turned out! The interior graphics really take it to the next level. Beautiful!

  3. Love it!!! You are so talented. Someone should give you your own show. I would watch!!!!!!

  4. How cute! You did an awesome job - aren't you glad you thought of flames? LOL


  5. love this my son in law is a fire fighter and he would love this
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  6. WOW, you really surprised me with the flames and firemen theme! It's unexpected, very masculine, and super cool. Sometimes you have to just take a risk on a piece and go against the original plan.