Friday, April 1, 2011

a little more grown up

since i have been married my husband and i have had a pretty ugly master bedroom. it seems that i am always getting to us last.  lately, i have been sitting at my computer, which is at the end of our room, loathing my bed. i mean who doesn't want a bed that is held up by cynder blocks and pavers. the bed began as a canopy from ikea, which had to be taken down, because the children thought they where firemen every time the got off of the bed. the blocks and pavers became a part of the bed when the leg snapped off, from me insisting on moving the bed around my room by myself (i tend to be a bit impatient when i want something done.) so enough on the old bed, here is my before
the white night stand (aka old filing cabinet) is strategically placed to cover the lovely blocks, and my husbands night stand is his mothers old sewing cabinet. so thanks to yard sales, i found these lovelies, who wanted to come home with me.

this guy cost me only $3

and this beauty only $2 ( I love a great deal)

i was going to be daring and try white, but then my dear husband reminded me we have five small kiddos, so black it is.

don't judge by the stained carpet, like i said we have five small kids.

now for my bed. i found a great bed on CL, for $150, here is the beast.

i don't think we will need any blocks to hold this bed up.

more to come on my maturing bedroom makeover, i can never seem to get everything done all at once.


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