Friday, April 22, 2011

Black Beauty

here is the before of my first baby grand. i had some better pictures, to show the rough condition this guy was in, but my computer caught an unfortunate virus.
before (check the bench out in the back)
two more rungs were added so baskets could be placed on the bottom, of
the newly upholstered bench.

wood appliques were added to give some dimension to the bland piano.

 the book holder before was just a large rectangle. my sweet dad shaped it to match the lines of the appliques. i think it came out quite lovely.

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  1. You're blog is new! Not near as new as mine...I have some projects I'm currently working on right now...(annoying my boyfriend when I call him and tell him I need the trunk pronto at this garage sale!)

    You should check mine out in the near future and tell me what you think...I'm a novice so I'm a little scared to see what I come up with!

    Your pianos look great by the way...and you are a garage sale super hero it looks like!